Nijisanji, one of the most well-known Vtuber groups in Japan and operated by Ichikara Co., Ltd., has just announced that it is holding its first wave of auditions for English speaking countries.

Although Nijisanji IN (India) and some Vtubers from Nijisanji ID (Indonesia) regularly broadcast in English, it looks like Nijisanji is preparing a separate division with exclusively English-speaking Vtubers, perhaps the way rival Vtuber group Hololive did with Hololive EN

According to their Facebook page, they want to "welcome those who would like to challenge themselves in becoming the first generation of VTubers for the English speaking audience."


Nijisanji is looking for applications from individuals who have experience in the content distribution field and who have the following qualifications:

  • English speaking ability. The Facebook post says: "Be a native speaker of English," but the Japanese press release says: "Be an English speaker, all nationalities may apply, including Japanese"
  • The Facebook post specifies: "Be able to deliver content continuously for at least one year."
  • The Facebook post specifies: "Be able to deliver content at least 3 times a week."
  • Both the press release and the Facebook post say: "18 years of age or older."
  • Both the press release and the Facebook post say: "Gender does not matter."

How to apply

Fill out the application here.

Audition content

According to the application form, this is what you'll need to do:

Getting into a virtual character you've created, please make a 5 minutes video/audio of you with: (1) A self introduction; and (2) Streaming in character. Please share the URL of the video on a streaming platform such as YouTube.

Auditions will be available until 12/15 (Tue) 17:00 JST / 0:00 PDT / 9:00 CET

By - grape Japan editorial staff.