Dwango Co., Ltd. has just announced that its Nico Live streaming service will carry the livestream of the Murder Mystery show #HoloLive Mystery Theater 3, featuring talents from Vtuber production agency Hololive Production, operated by Cover Co, Ltd.

Back by popular demand after two successful livestreams of the Murder Mystery TTRPG in March and August 2021, the third show, featuring Ookami Mio, Yukihana Lamy, Shishiro Botan, Takane Lui and Hakui Koyori, will be broadcast on Saturday, February 12th, 19:00 (JST). To avoid spoilers, the title of the show won't be revealed until the day of the broadcast.

What are murder-mystery games?

Murder-mystery games are a genre of tabletop role-playing game genre that has become popular in Asia since the late 2010s, particularly in China where it is known as Jubensha 剧本杀.

Basically, a scenario of a murder or other incident is prepared in advance, and participants take on the role of the characters in the story, proceeding through the game while conversing with each other with the aim of finding the culprit (whose role is to escape).

Since the scenario provides each character's background story and describes their actions on the day of the incident, players can enjoy an experience akin to stepping into the world of a detective novel.

Here are the hololive Vtubers who will be participating:

Ookami Mio

GM (Game Master) | Twitter

Yukihana Lamy


Shishiro Botan


Takane Lui


Hakui Koyori


Livestream Information

  • Name: ホロライブミステリー劇場3 (HoloLive Mystery Theater 3)
  • When: Saturday, February 12th, 2022, from 19:00 (JST)
  • Livestream URL
  • Note: There will be a segment only available to Premium Members from around 21:00.
  • Twitter hashtag: #ホロライブミステリー劇場3

Teaser Video

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.