With the film based on the TV anime having already exceeded 20 billion yen at the box office in just a month, the wild popularity of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise seems to be unstoppable. Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy has closely followed the series, and is now proud to announce a collaboration between the franchise and their Licca-chan dress-up doll, the equivalent of Mattell's Barbie in Japan, which has been loved by parents and children for more than 50 years.

Nezuko Kamado x Licca-chan and Tanjiro Kamado x Haruto-kun

Aiming to create a pair of dolls appreciated both by Licca-chan and Demon Slayer fans, Takara Tomy planned and developed them with attention to detail and the texture of the costumes. For example, the haori coats, kimono, obi sash, and military costume with separate pants and shirt are of high quality and easy to put on and take off, so you can enjoy dressing them up in different situations from the story. They also paid attention to differences in texture, such as using a warm material for the haori and silky material that feels good to the touch for the kimono. Moreover, the color and design of the costumes faithfully reproduce the design of the characters, but they have been adjusted to a size that looks well-balanced when worn by Licca-chan and Haruto-kun.

Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado x Licca-chan

Nezuko Licca-chan's face has a natural blush due to cold weather, her eyes have pink irises and she has her trademark bamboo muzzle and ornament in her hair which is wavy and colored in a two-tone pattern. Her coat, kimono, sash, leggings, socks and sandals are separate, so you can enjoy dressing her up in different combinations to recreate various scenes from the story. She stands 24 cm (9.5") tall.


Licca-chan as Nezuko Kamado comes wearing a kimono (over underclothes) tied with an obi sash as well as a haori coat, leggings, tabi open-toed socks, and zōri rice straw sandals. Of course, she also comes with her signature bamboo muzzle, and there's a display stand too.

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado x Haruto-kun

Haruto-kun (Licca-chan's boyfriend) as Tanjiro Kamado is faithful to the character design of the Demon Slayer protagonist, with details such as the scar on his forehead and his trademark earrings faithfully reproduced. His Nichirin blade comes with a connector part so you can enjoy posing him with the sword in his hand. His coat is removable, and the kanji 滅 metsu (meaning destroy, or "slay") is printed on the back of his uniform. To remain faithful to the design of the character while maintaining poseability, the leggings, socks, and sandals are integrated into boot-like footwear. He stands 27 cm (11") tall.


Tanjiro Haruto-kun comes wearing a military uniform (over undergarments), a haori jacket. He also has socks and his trusty Nichirin blade in a sheath. Of course, he also comes with his signature earrings, and there's a display stand, too.

Product Information

  • Price: 9,000 JPY + tax per doll
  • Goes on sale: May 2021
  • For ages 15 and up
  • Will be sold at toystores, department stores, online retailers and Takara Tomy's official shopping site Takara Tomy Mall
  • Product page on Takara Tomy's website

By - Ben K.