Need a helping hand in the kitchen? Japanese oddity retailer Village Vanguard has you covered--with a few extra arms to spare with some tentacles to drape over your shoulders!

Well, it's not exactly 100% intended for that, but you can sure use it that way since the puckers can snap together to form a grip. It's actually the octopus entry in Village Vanguard's popular MATAGI series by takakukei, a lineup of animal shaped neck and body warmers that can be wrapped and snapped tightly around your body.

They're very much quirky gag items, but can be wrapped tightly enough and most are intended to be used as neck warmers creatively turning wings, tentacles, and arms into a comforting hug. They do look quite funny when in use, however.

The current lineup features penguins, octopuses, and java sparrows.

They're currently available for order from Village Vanguard's online store in Japan, although takakukei has other ordering options listed on their site.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.