A surprisingly chilling photo Minasokonejigurui (@lainquish) posted is becoming quite the topic on Twitter.

Christmas was just a few weeks ago, but due to the ongoing pandemic, large gatherings and parties were discouraged.

Minasokonejigurui thought, “Let’s make the bathroom festive for the holiday.” He “decorated” the bathroom with a message.

The result was terrifying. Take a look at the unexpected result of this Christmas decoration!

“I’m going to cry. Christmas was approaching, so I wanted to at least create a festive space in the bathroom with a crayon...well this is not festive at all.”

He used a red bathroom-friendly crayon to write “Merry Christmas”. However, ink started dripped and ran, making the message a rather grim-looking message.

We contacted Minasokonejigurui, and asked him the intention of his attempt at this “decoration”.

"It has been difficult being unable to attend any Christmas events because of Covid, I thought to make the bath-time fun and festive since we use it every day. “What’s appropriate for Christmas...” I thought, and simply wrote, “Merry Christmas!”

He just wanted to spread a little Christmas spirit in the shower.

There were many comments to this post:

Is it a horror game? I mean, it’s too terrifying.

I can picture something like a serial killer in a Santa suit coming out from behind this message.

Why the red, though… This may be a funny prank. I might actually steal this idea.

By - Mugi.