Dashi, a soup stock that is essential to many classic dishes of Japanese cuisine, seems to be experiencing a bit of an upward trend in standalone popularity at the moment. A few years ago, a chic pour-over and drip-style dashi cafe opened up in Tokyo, and Coca-Cola Japan recently released ready-to-drink canned dashi.

Dashi continues to enjoy a moment in the beverage spotlight with a new release by Mitsubishi Shokuhin called "Nihonshu no Dashi-wari Cup". It's a blend of dashi soup stock and Japanese sake that can be heated up for a warming serving of booze and soup.

The product combines Yamasa's Soy Sauce's shirodashi (white dashi soup stock) with sake (a 3:1 ratio in favor of the dashi) for a tart and umami-filled soup cocktail that seems like it would be a treat during cold winter days, and a flavorful twist standard cup sake found at convenience stores.

The cups, released on December 8th throughout Japan, are safe to heat up in the microwave and contain 4% alcohol content. Cheers!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.