Make your December a colourful and tasty one with these eye-catching Chocolate Waffle Bars from Waffle Chicken Homies.

Located in Shinjuku, Waffle Chicken Homies is a specialist producer of both waffles and fried chicken, and has truly mastered the artistry of creating vibrant and mouth watering soul food.

The store’s newest edition to the menu is the selection of chocolate waffle bars. Easy to eat with just one hand and available for take out, the chocolate waffle bars can be enjoyed even whilst walking.
Available in five luxurious flavours, there is the perfect bar for anyone and everyone.

Left to Right: Berry Berry Chocolate Waffle Bar and Marshmallow and Almond Chocolate Waffle Bar.

Berry Berry Chocolate Waffle Bar

This sweet looking treat owes it’s gorgeous shade of pink to the coating of white and strawberry chocolate that envelopes it. The bar is completed with a mixture of chopped sweet strawberries and sour cranberries.

Price: 650 yen + tax

Marshmallow and Almond Chocolate Waffle Bar

Marshmallows and slice almonds make the perfect marriage of softness and crunchiness, on this chocolate coated waffle bar.

Price: 680 yen + tax

Left to Right: Mint Chocolate Waffle Bar, Banana Nuts Chocolate Waffle Bar and Matcha Chocolate Waffle Bar.

Mint Chocolate Waffle Bar

Crunchy chocolate cookies and wafer thin rolls of chocolate come together on this mint chocolate coated waffle bar. If you’re a fan of mint chocolates this is the perfect refreshing waffle bar for you.

Price: 680 yen + tax

Banana Nuts Chocolate Waffle Bar

This ultimate chocolate waffle bar creation sees a sprinkling of freshly sliced and toasted bananas as well as maple coated mixed nuts on a white chocolate dipped waffle.

Price: 650 yen + tax

Matcha Chocolate Waffle Bar

This chocolate waffle bar is the perfect mixture of both Japanese and Western sweets. The chocolate glazed waffle is topped with the softest matcha flavoured warabimochi and a dusting of chocolate crunch.

Price: 650 yen + tax

By - Connie Sceaphierde.