Fans of the magical girl anime genre in Japan have plenty of ways to emulate their favourite heroines, such as Sailor Moon makeup and Creamy Mami clothing lines.

A new collaboration to ride this trend has been released this month, and takes inspiration from Cardcaptor Sakura. But rather than an item that can be worn, this product will help you wield the scent of the iconic character.

The perfume is being stocked at Japanese fashion variety store, Its’Demo, a brand aimed at trend-conscious young women. The fragrance brand which has taken on the challenge of evoking such a famous character through smell is Aqua Savon.

The packaging is inspired by Sakura’s blue outfit and also features motifs such as a magic circle, stars and moons, as well as her companion Cerberus. The bottle itself is has a pink gradient design and has the theme of Sakura’s dream key.

The scent is refreshing and sweet, just like the protagonist herself. It has top notes of green apple, citrus, blackcurrant and cherry. The middle ones are more floral with rose, lily of the valley and cyclamen. Lastly, hints of musk and amber will be the final scents to hit.

The perfume can currently be found in branches of Its’Demo all over Japan while stocks last, costing 2420 yen.

By - Jess.