While Japan’s deep culture can be enjoyed through its plethora of breathtaking sights and mouthwatering cuisine, it can also be expressed through many of its unique aromas. Taking familiar Japanese smells and turning them into elegant perfumes is the J-Scent Collection, which recently released its first batch of fragrances. Anyone looking to freshen up with a spritz of Japan-inspired perfumes might be tempted to try out one of collection’s first three scents: Roasted Green Tea, Agarwood, and Wasanbon.

Source: atpress

Roasted Green Tea

Scent of roasted tea leaves. This soothing fragrance is reminiscent of Japan’s olden days, with a deep aroma like that of a freshly prepared cup of tea.


Elegant, opulent fragrance. The scent of agarwood has long been adored in Japan, and this particular perfume blends agarwood with the smell of orange peels and cinnamon spice, which adds a subtle sweetness to it. Notes of woody amber also give it a refined, modern, and mysterious scent.


Refreshing, soft, sweet smell. Wasanbon is a traditional Japanese dessert made of fine-grained sugar, and this fragrance delicately recreates its sweet smell. It is meant to express the excitement of eating delicious desserts with a scent that’s mildly resemblant of brown sugar.

Check for future updates on the J-Scent Collection on their website, or head to their online store to get their newest scents!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.