The Fuji-Q Highland theme park 富士急ハイランド gets its name for its proximity to Japan's most famous mountain. One of its centerpieces, if not the most famous attraction in the park, is the FUJIYAMA, a monumental 259-foot tall steel roller coaster that provides the most thrilling ride in Japan. When the park opened for business in 1996, it was the tallest in the world and also boasted the world's largest drop at 230 feet.

Until now, the only way you have been able to appreciate the view of Mt. Fuji from the top of FUJIYAMA is for a few minutes before you are about to dive. Even for those who have taken the ride countless times, this thrilling moment is hardly the best way to enjoy the view in a leisurely fashion. In fact, until now, that privilege has been reserved for the maintenance staff who access the top area as part of their job.

However, Fuji-Q Highland decided that the view was too good to keep only for the maintenance staff, so they've now announced that they will build an observation deck allowing members of the public to enjoy it as well!

Introducing FUJIYAMA Tower

Not only will there be an observations deck where you can take photos of Mt. Fuji and you posing in front of it to your heart's content, but two fun attractions are also planned. First, there will be a thrilling tube slide called "FUJIYAMA Slider" starting from the observation deck and spiraling down the central frame of the tower all the way to the bottom. Second, there will be a skywalk activity on the level below the deck, where you'll be attached to a harness and walk with unimpeded views of Mt. Fuji.


  • Name: FUJIYAMA Tower
  • Opening date: Summer 2021
  • Investment: 1.07 B JPY (equiv. 10.3 M USD at today's rate)
  • Attractions: Observation deck, "FUJIYAMA Walk" skywalk activity, "FUJIYAMA Slider" tube slider activity

More details are coming. In the meantime, you can visit their website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.