p>Mt.Fuji is well known as the highest peak of Japan. It is often used as Japan’s symbolic image, as well. It looks even more majestic when viewed up close.

Talented Japanese photographer _deepsky (Twitter, Instagram) took a few photos of Mt.Fuji from the popular scenic travel spot of Hakone, Kanagawa prefecture. The photos were so beautiful that they are being compared to water paintings. Those photos are going viral all over the world now.

Here is the shot of Mt.Fuji with Lake Ashino, and a pirate ship (Hakone is famous for its pirate tour ships).

The grey moodiness of the picture expresses an ambience of Japan’s deep history that many are finding nostalgic. There are also brush-stroke like clouds hanging over Japan's iconic mountain, making it look even more like a water painting.

The red Torii (shrine gate) slightly lit in the dark also leaves a remarkable accent in the photo along with the pirate ship passing by.

The post received a lot of positive feedback and comments, most of which were expressing their awe for the photos.

This is stunning! The Torii is creating such a great ambience.

Is there any way I can “Like” this more than once?

This is unreal! What a shot.

These photos also left a great impression on people abroad with many comments on the photos.

These two photos representing nostalgic scenic charm of Japan make you ponder in thoughts how those way back when also enjoyed the same view, too.

By - Mugi.