Leap into the cute digital world and get interactive alongside Sanrio characters Cinnamoroll and Hello Kitty, in these two newest attractions at Sanrio Puroland – Hello Kitty Space Shooting and Cinnamoroll Decoration Cafe.

The new games at the park use MR Technology (Mixed Reality Technology) – a merging of virtual reality and the physical world, that ultimately creates an environment where both physical and digital objects can exist at the same time.

Hello Kitty Space Shooting

Hello Kitty Space Shooting is a digital shooting game where you can compete for points amongst other players. Aim for a high score with Hello Kitty and receive a limited edition attraction-only original pin-badge.

To enter the digital universe, you will use the spatial computing device known as ‘Magic Leap 1’. The device is a lightweight headset developed by Magic Leap, Inc, that fuses together the real and digital worlds.

High scoring pin badges up for grabs for the ‘Hello Kitty Space Shooting Game’.

*Original Pin badges will be presented from a collection of 7 designs, depending on the game score. Awardees cannot choose the badge design as they will be chosen at random.

Take a quick peek at the Hello Kitty Space Shooting game in the video below.

Cinnamoroll Decoration Cafe

Help Cinnamoroll design and prepare a cute cafe in the Cinnamoroll Decoration Cafe game. The game is the first to use MR technology (Mixed Reality technology) at the park, and allows the player to create an original cafe designed by using a variety of stamps superimposed over the physical world.

When decorating has been completed, the player will have created a cute cafe in a world of both reality and fantasy. Players can even take a photo at the end of the game to commemorate their parallel world cafe, and take it home with them as digital data.

Both interactive games can be enjoyed at Sanrio Puroland’s Entertainment Hall from 15 January to 14 February 2021.


Hello Kitty Space Shooting Game – 700 yen
Cinnamoroll Decoration Cafe with original badge and photo data – 1,200 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.