As many anime fans know, there are multitudes of ways to show your support for your 推し oshi, your favorite character. The conventional options include things like buying and displaying figures, buying t-shirts and apparel, plastic folders, plushies and other goods. But you can go further. For example, some fans elaborately decorate bags with pins and stickers. You can even buy "altars" to "worship" your oshi.

Now, from the enterpreneuring otaku minds at the アニソン anison (anime song) café すた~ず@AKIBA (STARS@AKIBA), operated by City Communications Co., comes a new concept:

Why not eat your oshi's hair?

While such a notion may at first conjure up images of Japanese horror films or eating disorders, rest assured. We're not talking about real hair, or even fake hair like the brightly colored wigs sported by the cafe staff members you see above. No, this is Japan's version of angel hair pasta, otherwise known as 素麺 sōmen.

On August 20th, 2022, the cafe will hold an event called 推しの髪の毛を食べよう oshi no kaminoke wo tabeyō, literally "Eat your oshi's hair." You'll be able to eat noodles tinted with edible food coloring to perfectly match your oshi's hair.

According to the press release, STARS cafe staff members, who "master the art of otaku as part of their duties to meet customers' expections," come up with event ideas out of their own passion and imagination.

At the "Eat your oshi's hair" event, they'll not only serve noodles based on customers requests but also make their own noodles for their oshi and join the customers in the activity. It should be a fun opportunity for anime fans to enjoy their passion while having fun conversations with likeminded staff members.

In addition to this event, STARS@AKIBA has a variety of events to enjoy the summer season. For example, staff members in cosplay attire participated in the annual 打ち水 uchimizu event at the Kanda Myojin Shrine. Uchimizu is something traditionally done by Japanese businesses to cool down the ambient temperature by pouring water on the sidewalk in the hot summer months. Since they're a cafe and bar, STARS often uses things like sake flasks and champagne glasses, as you can see here:

Shop Information

  • Name: すた~ず@AKIBA (STARS@AKIBA)
  • Address (JP): 東京都千代田区神田須田町2丁目23−10
  • Address (EN): 2-23-10 Sudacho, Kanda, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
  • Access: 3 min. walk from JR Akihabara Station
  • Tel: 03-3526-2522
  • Official Website

By - grape Japan editorial staff.