Japanese twitter user (@daily_simaenaga) shares all the wonderful things about an adorable wild bird species, the Shimaenaga, or Long-tailed tit.

On this account, several photos were posted with a title; “Cutest mail box in Japan!

Take a close look at these photos!

Yes, it’s Shimaenaga on the mail box!

This mail box is placed in front of Sapporo Main street post office of Sapporo city, Hokkaido.

Many people commented that they would like to go visit in person to see this mail box with adorable design.

How stylish! This is such a cute idea!

This is such a good charm! It makes me want to mail a card to someone.

This is only in Hokkaido! I’m jealous.

In fact, according replies, apparently there are other uniquely designed mail boxes in many districts of Japan.

Using the unique habitat of Hokkaido, Shimaenaga as a part of the design makes it that much special! Why not drop off your seasonal greeting cards in this mail box if you are near by?

By - Mugi.