Some of our readers may remember Japanese solo camping enthusiast, skeet shooter, game hunter, and Vtuber Lilo-shi リロ氏 when we introduced his "self-sufficient grilled sandwich." Lilo-Shi really knows how to get good mileage out of a hot sandwich grill and his videos showing simple and mouthwatering recipes which are easy to reproduce have a huge following on his YouTube Channel.

Now, Lilo-Shi, who has two cookbooks under his name, has collaborated with Japanese camping and camp cooking goods brand 村の鍛冶屋 Mura no Kajiya (Village Blacksmith) on a new product.

Under Lilo-Shi's supervision, they've created an excellent all-purpose spice mix for your most drool-inducing dishes. In Japanese, such dishes often go by the name "food terrorism," since images of them can appear unexpectedly and mercilessly on your social media when you're hungry (and often at times when you can't escape what you're doing to go and grab a bite). In other words, "food porn."

Called 『リロ氏の飯テロ用スパイス』riro-shi no hantero yō supaisu ("Lilo-Shi's food porn spice mix"), it will be available at Mura no Kajiya's online shop as well as various e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo.


The collaboration between Lilo-Shi and Mura no Kajiya began with a single tweet. A company representative saw Lilo-Shi's tweeting about their products so they immediately sent him a DM and invited him to use them. After that, he began using their hot sandwich grill and other products in his videos and they were featured in Lilo-Shi's cookbook.

Eventually, his fans, who had started cooking after watching his videos, got together to create an item that would make cooking more enjoyable. That's how they came up with the idea for an original spice mix with Lilo-Shi supervising.

Trial and error to produce the ultimate spice mix

In order to produce a spice that would suit Lilo-Shi's cooking, Mura no Kajiya made multiple prototypes. Finally, after much trial and error, they came up with a mix of nine spices. The result is an all-purpose spice mix ideal for all your outdoor cooking scenarios, whether it's meat, fish, or vegetables.

Smoked salt

Salt is smoked using Oyama cherry tree chips. It adds a smoky flavor to the kinds of meat and cheese dishes often featured in Lilo-Shi’s videos!

Roasted Onions

Since many of Lilo-Shi’s dishes are bold and impactful, they added the equally bold flavor of roasted onions. With the extra kick of garlic and a crunchy texture, it'll really liven up your dishes.

You can see Lilo-Shi wasting no time, using his own spice mix with chicken wings...

...producing this mouthwatering result!

リロ氏 Lilo-Shi

A hunter, camping enthusiast, kemomimi (animal eared) Vtuber who also enjoys drinking, リロ氏 Lilo-Shi is active on Twitter and YouTube. He has gained popularity for his simple yet wild recipe videos using a hot sandwich grill. He currently has 500,000 followers on Twitter and 560,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, リロ氏のひとり遊びちゃんねる "Lilo-Shi's Solo Fun Channel." He is the author of リロ氏のソロキャンレシピ (ホットサンドメーカーに挟んで焼くだけ!) "Lilo-Shi's Solo Camping Recipes (Just Put Them in a Hot Sandwich Grill and Cook!)," リロ氏のホントにとてもくわしいホットサンドメーカーレシピ "Lilo-Shi's Very Detailed Hot Sandwich Grill Recipes," and リロ氏の欲望に従った限界キャンプ飯 “Lilo-Shi's Follow-Your-Desires Extreme Camping Food.”

To get an idea of his cooking style, look at this video with over 5 million views:

Here's his version of a bacon cheese … well, you’ll see.

You can also see his Vtuber activities, as well as hunting and other camping and cooking activities, so check out his channel!


By - Ben K.