Earlier this month Signal, a Nagoya-based company, released details about a new, original coffee beverage they’ve developed.

O CHER is also made from roasted coffee beans, but its creators say it’s not your usual coffee.

First of all, the beans undergo a particular roasting process which leaves them a pale brown color, as opposed to the dark brown tones which makes regular coffee so easily recognizable.

O CHER lacks the roasted aroma and taste of regular coffee, instead preserving the nutritional elements found in raw coffee.

According to Signal’s website, 100 grams of O CHER contains slightly more caffeine, and much higher amounts of the alkaloid Trigonelline and Chlorogenic Acid.

Trigonelline is believed to have antidiabetic effects, as well as hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, neuroprotective, antimigraine, sedative, memory-improving, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-tumor properties.

Chlorogenic acid is thought to help with high blood pressure and weight loss.

Just as the same tea leaves can be processed differently to produce green tea, black tea, or Oolong, O CHER’s creators want to broaden the way consumers think about coffee.

O CHER Product Details

Signal has developed four distinct blends:

Their White Coffee Beverage is a blend of three different O CHER roasts.

Spice Coffee includes O CHER coffee beans, Ceylon, cinnamon, and dried apple. It’s good for detox.

Red Coffee is made of O CHER coffee beans, full moon shell ginger, tulsi basil, and hibiscus. It’s recommended for cellular rejuvenation.

Blue Coffee is a mix of O CHER coffee beans, lemongrass, sencha, and butterfly pea. It helps relieve anxiety and stress.

Each bag contains 10 tea bags and costs 2,980 yen (not including tax). O CHER blends can be purchased from Signal’s website below.

Lab Signal has opened their lab to the public for those who want to talk about and try out their new coffee products. Groups are limited to 4 persons each for one hour for 2,000 yen. Click below to make your reservation.

By - Mujo.