Can you imagine “healthy junk food”? It may sound weird, but it really exists!

A plant-based food café called “2foods” has opened their second flagship store in Ginza. The word “healthy junk food” is their brand concept. As the word indicates, they serve really tasty and healthy ice cream, doughnuts, sundaes and more.

Although there are not many food places where you can eat delicious plant-based food in Japan yet, 2foods has already opened five stores in Tokyo. Unlike their normal stores, their flagship store features two separate sections, the typical café and a special section called “Food Tech Park”.

Let’s check out more details about the new Ginza branch!

2foods original plant-based doughnuts!

Their doughnuts don’t use any animal-based ingredients!

They make the doughnuts from scratch starting with the flour! The dough is made using low-temperature fermentation process. Thanks to careful control of the parameters over a long period of time, these original doughnuts are fluffy and chewy.

In addition to classical plain doughnuts, six* more unique flavors are available: raspberry & pistachio, Mont Blanc (creamy chestnut cake), maple chocolate nuts, pistachio wreath, matcha an batā抹茶あんバター (green tea, azuki bean paste, and butter), and mango & passionfruit. Oh, of course, the butter used in the green tea one is vegan butter.

*According to their website, maple chocolate nuts, pistachio wreath, and Mont Blanc are season limited.

All of the flavors sound tasty. It’s difficult to choose, isn’t it? Don’t worry, if you can’t choose one and buy four doughnuts, they will put your sweets in a special box with cool pictures! It is a very colorful and fashionable design.

Plant-based soft serve ice cream: Ginza store limited!

The plant-based soft serve ice cream is a must-try dessert because this is limited to the Ginza store! Three flavors are available: vanilla, chocolate, and vanilla & chocolate.

Although these desserts contain no dairy, they still retain the very rich and milky flavor and texture by using coconut, soy milk and oat milk!

Hot & Cold sweets

If you have a sweet tooth and you want to try both of the above, there is an ideal dessert for you!

Order the doughnut and the soft serve ice cream you like and put a sauce on it like the picture. You’ll be surprised at the perfect combination of the hot doughnut and cold soft serve ice cream!

Opening campaign

Until November 30th, they’re running a grand opening campaign. If you purchase more than 800 JPY (including tax) worth of items at the Ginza café and post a picture with the hashtag #2foods銀座ロフト店, they will offer you one free drink*!

*Except gorogoro furūtsu tī (Tea with chunks of fruit) ごろごろフルーツティー and delivered items.

Food Tech Park

So, now we’ve seen some of the delicious foods on offer at 2food café. At the food tech park at the Ginza store, you can learn how they succeeded in making delicious animal-free foods and the kind of technologies that enabled them to do so.

This is a place to learn about innovative food technologies and the newest brands related to food sustainability through videos which you can watch on tablets, product samples, and explanations by the store staff called “storytellers”!

If you plan to go to Ginza, don’t forget to drop by this healthy café with cutting-edge technologies!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).