(@KOHAKU_CHACHA) lives with her two cats and keeps her followers up-to-date about their daily comings and goings.

Here’s a clip of Chacha the Ragamuffin all hyped up as a kitten.

And then there’s Kohaku the Scottish Fold, the “victim” of today’s story. Here’s a clip of Kohaku before the incident.

Normally Kohaku is quite charming with those pointy little ears and big, round eyes.

But recently Kohaku had what one could only consider a traumatic experience.

What happened to Kohaku?

(@KOHAKU_CHACHA) accidentally shut Kohaku in the closet.

Of course the key word is accidentally, but Kohaku doesn’t seem the type to forgive and forget so easily.

After being rescued, Kohaku’s face says it all…

Reproduced with permission from KOHACHAN (@KOHAKU_CHACHA)


Reproduced with permission from KOHACHAN (@KOHAKU_CHACHA)


The Kohaku that once was is gone. All that remains is a furious furball.

How long that anger may last is anyone’s guess. Probably no longer than dinnertime though would be my prediction.

Twitter users replied with a mix of sympathy for Kohaku, but couldn’t help laughing about the angry countenance.

Other users replied with their own angry cat photos, like this one.

This cat got itself stuck, but look at that face!

Luckily, (@KOHAKU_CHACHA)’s most recent posts show that Kohaku’s anger has worn off for a return to the usual cute and fluffy feline. Well… at least until the next incident…

By - Mujo.