Everyone is familiar with the childhood game hide and seek. If you were anything like me, your older siblings always wanted to play whenever you were bothering them—but they never managed to find you…I guess I’m just really good at hiding.

Anyway, apparently hide and seek is popular throughout the animal kingdom. Some java sparrows also enjoy a go every now and again. You can see for yourself—recently, Twitter user Kyontaro Shikimura (@occhima) posted a picture that was met with confusion among followers:

"My java sparrow… I lost him for a moment."

Indeed, readers had to look closely. It would be easy to miss this java sparrow resting with this java sparrow blanket. Does this count as "birds of a feather?" I'm not quite sure.

Nevertheless, several followers were taken by surprise by this post. They reacted:

  • "It was difficult to find him for me too. He is a professional at hiding.”
  • “I didn’t notice him there at first glance.”
  • “It took me a while to find him!”
  • “I found him! I said it out loud! How fun!”

Naturally, this java sparrow is not alone. Another bird burning up SNS makes a habit of hiding:

"Your java sparrow is so cute! I also have a bird pattern blanket. I know it’s really difficult to find him..."

Camouflaging your pets

Indeed, it seems pet camoflage is something of a trend on Japanese Twitter. Other users posted their pictures of pets hiding in plain sight:

"I thought it would be cute if I attached clay cat legs to this basket. I was hoping my cat Shiba would use it. Sure enough, when I went to the bathroom, Shiba hopped right in even though the clay hadn't dried yet. (I was surprised.) "

Twitter user Sayakosu (@SHAKEhizi_BSK) posted this picture of her cat and her creation on Twitter. Her followers reacted:

  • “Shiba already likes it! I thought those legs were Shiba’s. Lol”
  • “Why don’t you sell it! Every cat lover would love this basket!”
  • “Your idea and technique are just amazing!! The legs are so cute!”
  • “It’s like a cat claw tub.”
  • “If you sell these, I’d buy it! Lol”
  • “Shiba seems to love this!”
  • “No need to worry. This basket isn’t moving.”
  • “Is this a new Pokemon character?”
  • “Your idea can get a Nobel prize!”

Many people were surprised by Sayakosu’s unique creation. Yet, it seems like other pet owners have similar intentions in mind. Another “camouflage” photo made the rounds on Twitter. User Shirokino (@shirokinor) posted this picture of her rabbit Shiro.

"When I laid them next to each other they slept together. How adorable..."

As you can see, these two rabbits are natural chums. Shirokino’s followers reacted to this adorable picture:

  • “Which one is the real one?”
  • “It’s adorable how she thinks the stuffed toy is her friend.”
  • “I think Shiro is cuter than the stuffed toy.”
  • “I want to be the stuffed animal and take a nap with Shiro...”
  • “Shiro is an angel.”
  • “What? Is the one on the right the real rabbit?”
  • “How cute!! It warms my heart. Thank you!”
  • “Wow, Shiro makes me feel like I want to protect her.”

And Shiro isn’t the only rabbit that likes to cuddle up with friends. User Popotamu (@ichthy0stega) responded with this similar photo:

"My rabbit also thinks these slippers are its friends."

In Like Flynn

Finally, the last camouflage post for today is this video recently trending on the SNS platform. Have a look:

"He blends right in."

I know it may be hard to believe, but one of those ducks is actually a hamster. Can you spot the impostor in this post by user Netgeek Dobutsu (@netgeekAnimal)? Many followers reacted:

  • “You look like those ducks.”
  • “It’s too cute!”
  • “Ops! I didn’t notice him there. They look so similar.”
  • “Try to make a duck face?”

Pets are adorable, and “camouflage” pets are even more so. Certainly, they make their owners happy...even if they're hard to keep track of some days.

By - Luke Mahoney.