On cold winter days like these, many people in Japan find comfort and a quick way to placate their hunger pangs by darting into a convenience store and buying a chūkaman 中華まん (Chinese steamed bun), the most famous representative of which is the nikuman 肉まん. These steamed buns filled with cooked ground pork, beef or other ingredients are a reliable go-to snack or light meal. As we have introduced before on grape Japan, there are all kinds of buns available and the varieties change with the seasons.

With the cheese boom of recent years here in Japan, cheese-filled chūkaman steamed buns have become a more common sight, which is great news for cheese-lovers.

But now, Family Mart has come out with a hearty nikuman that should satisfy both meat and cheese lovers alike.

Five-cheeses Nikuman

This "Five-Cheeses Nikuman" weighs in at over 100 grams and contains a rich and satisfying blend of mozzarella, gouda, cheddar, parmesan, and camembert cheeses. Family Mart first sold a Cheese Nikuman last year. Since it was so popular, they've created this new and improved version with 10% more volume, and a more satisfying cheesy taste. As for the meat, they've added slices of braised pork to the usual minced pork blend for a meatier, heartier taste.

Tastier cheese, tastier meat, heftier and more satisfying, this new and improved "Cinque Formaggi" nikuman costs 167 JPY + tax and is available at one of 16,700 Family Mart locations near you from today, December 22nd.

For more information, visit Family Mart's website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.