After seeing Japanese Kit-Kat flavors turned into handsome anime men and worldwide fast food chains drawn as anime personas, it looks like actual Japanese fast food chains are getting in on the fun. Popular Japanese gyudon (beef bowl) chain Yoshinoya recently took to Twitter to announce a new campaign to form a sentai (Japanese superhero team, such as Power Rangers) with other companies known as the Meat Rangers.

Surprisingly, other companies decided to get in on the fun. Japanese family restaurant Gusto asked how to participate, and Yoshinoya told them that for now, posting illustrations of your franchise as a sentai superhero would do. They took it from there, and one by one the team increased.

KFC Japan

Japanese burger chain Mos Burger

Matsuya Beef Bowl

Meat Rangers, assemble!

They then got some backup from Japanese convenience store Family Mart, which offered up the superhero strength of their popular "family chicken".

Even A&W Japan, which still has several restaurants in Okinawa, offered some root beer styled firepower.

By - Big Neko.