Anime fans who prefer to watch their favorite shows while listening to the original Japanese voice actors will probably recognize the following situation: You're watching a new anime or discovering an anime that was recommended to you. One of the characters speaks with a voice you recognize but you just can't remember the actor. Sounds familiar? Maybe it nags at you so you stop the video, Google the name of the show, look through the cast list, and finally find your answer. You've just wasted at least a minute of your time and you've experienced an annoying distraction from the world of the anime you were just enjoying.

But what if there was an app, just like Shazam or Soundhound, that you could quickly open and use to recognize the voice in the anime, and instantly know the actor's name, see a list of other anime they've appeared in, and even directly link to video streaming apps where you can watch them?

Anivo: Anime VA voice recognition app coming in 2021

In 2021, such an app will become available: Anivo.

dip co., ltd. is developing Anivo mainly for the benefit of those who began watching anime or watching more anime as a result of the pandemic. With more people watching videos at home, a wide range of generations have come into contact with anime in Japan. Anime such as Demon Slayer have also contributed to this trend. However, light anime viewers may not know voice actors' names and have a hard time discovering other works as a result.

Anivo will make it much easier for people in such situations to discover more anime and enjoy their anime-watching experience


Simple operation:

ANIVO's AI analyzes voices through the smartphone's mic, so users can search for voice actors easily and simply by installing and launching the app. No complicated settings or fees are required, and you can search quickly when you are interested in knowing who the voice actor is or, even if you know, you can quickly access more information about them.

VA search and video search all in one app:

In addition to information such as voice actors' past appearances, ANIVO works with a video distribution service to complete the process from video selection to viewing without typing a single character, so no effort or knowledge is required.

Pre-registration and links

You can pre-register for ANIVO from today, December 23rd, 2020, by accessing the website here.

You can also follow ANIVO at the following links:

By - Ben K.