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Japan’s 2020 Winter special edition snacks and beverages recommendations

Japan is famous for its great variety of sweets, snacks, and beverages that can be found at every store here.

Every season, the options grow even more because of the seasonal and limited edition treats that everyone in Japan looks forward to.

The moment seasons change, new delicious snacks make their appearance in supermarkets and convenience stores.

The winter edition treats are usually available from December to February, and here are some of my recommendations:

1. Kagome's Fuyu No Furutsu Kore Ippon/冬のフルーツこれ一本

Roughly translated as Winter’s fruits This One, the winter edition juice from Kagome has a rich and fresh flavor perfect for this season.

The fruit-mixed beverage has a total of seven types of fruits and uses red color fruits such as blood oranges, strawberries, and pomegranates. It is full of vitamin C and has no sugar or sweeteners added.

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2. Sapporo Beer Fuyu Monogatari(札幌冬物語) /The Winter's Tale

The Sapporo Fuyu Monogatari is something I look forward to every winter.

It looks so cute, and I love its name, too. The beer has a bitter finish and is very tasty, but I feel that this year's recipe was slightly different as it didn't feel as rich as the one from 2019.

Nevertheless, it is still as delicious as always and a good match for gyoza.

3. Pocky Fuyu no Kuchidoke (冬のくちどけ)/Winter Melty Cocoa Pocky

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This year Pocky came up with a delicious winter limited edition. It is thicker than the usual Pocky, and the chocolate coating is similar to chocolate truffles. It instantly melts in your mouth, and the package also looks adorable.

It can also make a great gift as the taste feels so luxurious, and its appearance also has a fancy design.

4. Meiji’s Melty Kiss Winter Edition Fruity Strawberry chocolate cubes

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The Melty Kiss chocolates are probably one of the most beloved sweets and most anticipated during this season. Same as snowflakes, the chocolate cubes will gently melt into your mouth and leave a profound bitter-sweet aftertaste.

I like the creaminess and the winter packages of Melty Kiss, and this season, I recommend trying out the Strawberry Winter Limited edition.


The strawberries’ taste is more flavorful than the regular ones, and the dark chocolate and cocoa powder coating are the perfect finishing touch.

By - cinnamonellie.