We’re living in an era where being sustainably conscious is an absolute must. With the world changing at an alarming rate, living in a sustainable way is our best hope to combat issues that have been rising over the last century. To encourage individuals to be more socially responsible and considerate of the environment, the United Nations have introduced 17 SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals), which are being implemented all over the world.

One issue in particular that the SDG’s are designed to tackle is food shortages, and negative environmental impacts that arise through the production of food. In the most recent years, food made from 100% plant-based ingredients and the act of going vegan, has become a popular food choice amongst (mainly) the younger generations in western countries, as awareness of environmental issues relating to food has arisen.
However, veganism in Japan is a relatively new thing. And with only a small amount of people showing awareness and understanding of vegan diets, there are just a handful of shops and restaurants that cater to it.

UPBEET! Tokyo wants to flip that fact on its head, and have created an opportunity for individuals to learn about veganism through their vegan and gluten-free food products.
When people taste UPBEET! Tokyo’s vegan and gluten-free sweets, they will be filled with excitement as they discover all the possibilities that can be achieved through veganism. Additionally, as more people get introduced to tasty vegan options through UPBEET! Tokyo’s menu, customers and the company will both be contributing to the SDG’s and reducing the environmental burden that arises through food production.

Adding more foods to the mix, UPBEET Tokyo! has just unveiled two new products that continue both provide us with more dishes to drool about, and contribute to the SDG’s mission.

UP BEET! Donut Beets

Using high-nutrient flour made from chickpeas and brown rice flour, this unique donut is made through roasting and steaming; leaving it with a moist texture that fried donuts just don’t have.
Sweetened by apple sauce, mirin, and the natural flavours of beetroot, the UP BEET! Donut Beets is nutritious, sweet, and of course a vivid pink in colour.

Price: 360 yen (plus tax)

UP BEET! Cheesecake Bar - plain

This stick-type cheesecake is the perfect size and shape for carrying around on a day out and about in the city. Instead of general diary cheese, the UB BEET! Cheesecake Bar uses vegetable cheese made from fermented domestic soymilk.
The bar is finished off with a rich and creamy taste made using a manufacturing method unique to UPBEET! Tokyo.

Price: 360 yen (plus tax)

These new products will be available to purchase from UPBEET! Tokyo’s official online shop and retailing stores nationwide from 19 March 2021.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.