As the dramatic finale of Attack on Titan ensues, merchandise and goods celebrating one of the most successful animated series in the history of Japanese anime continue to appear left, right and center.
Fans of the show most likely already have an assortment of goods resembling the series’ antagonists in size, but no Attack on Titan collection will be complete without the addition of the hyper-realistic Eren Yeager doll unveiled recently by Dolk and I.O.S.

With spherical parts located in the joints (ball-point dolls), the doll’s arms and legs can be bent so that the doll can take on various poses just like a human being. The doll is made by shaping a synthetic resin that resembles the smooth appearance of human skin. Additionally, the doll is customizable, as the costume, hair and eye colour can be changed to however the owner sees fit.

The Attack on Titan cast doll series started in 2013 with the unveiling of Captain Levi and Commander Erwin. The addition of the Eren Yeager doll comes about as the Attack on Titan anime series finale draws near.

The new doll captures the characteristics of Eren with a slender face, big eyes and a choppy hairstyle that resembles his youthful nature. The eyes are made with green resin, and shaped into an intensive stare reminiscent of Eren’s vengeful spirit.

Eren’s doll comes clothed with a lace-up undershirt, a signature Survey Corps jacket, trousers, a waist belt, long boots and a cloak. The lace-up inner, which is the accent of Eren’s costume, is particularly realistic in texture and shape and fans will be pleased to see the design faithfully reproduced from the anime.

Included with the doll are Eren’s Survey corps Omni-directional mobility gear and blades. It is clear the amount of research that has gone into the development of the costume with the great level of detail that can be seen in the doll’s Omni-directional mobility gear.
Additionally, the blades can be attached or detached to the waist belt by using a simple slide mount similar to that seen in the anime.

The Eren Yeager doll will be available to reserve at DOLK stores in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya and online from 4 December 2020 whilst reservations for the doll will end on 17 January 2021. Once the reservation period has ended, the dolls will be manufactured and can be expected to be shipped from September 2021.

Eren Yaeger Doll

Includes: Doll body, parts, wig, eyes, costume set, shoes, character ‘Omni-directional Mobility Gear’, character ‘blades’, box and instruction manual
Height: Approximately 63cm
Price: 172,000 yen (+ tax)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.