The ghosts of Japan's two most iconic horror films have been very busy lately. Sadako (The Ring) and Kayako (Ju-On) are set to collide in a Japanese horror film crossover, Sadako vs. Kayako this summer, and have been tied up in some rather humorous promotional campaigns, including one amazing Instagram account. That hasn't stopped them from squeezing in a little time to spar with each other before they try to out-haunt each other in theaters. The two pale ghouls took to the Sapporo Dome in Hokkaido, recently, to have a good 'ol fashioned ghost baseball showdown.


Source: YouTube

The horror-themed batter and pitcher duel replaced the usual ceremonial pitch opening up a game between the Yakult Swallows (Tokyo) and the Nippon Ham Fighters (Hokkaido). Perhaps more impressive than anything in the match-up was the fact that Sadako was able to make it out to the mound with the way her hair completely obscures her view. But hey, she's a ghost after all.

Haunting you in cleats.


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Kayako can't really walk on her own (she's more of a crawler) so came out with the help of her equally creepy son, Toshio, who proudly proclaimed support for his mother on his T-shirt. Cute, I guess.

Maybe she has had a few.


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Well, as you saw in the first GIF, Kayako got the better of her ghost rival with a clean hit off of Sadako's 96 kilometer (60 MPH) duck. The only problem, as the announcers note, is that Kayako can't run.

Toshio is literally the ghost runner!


Source: YouTube

So at least on the baseball field, Kayako was able to get the better of her well and video haunting counterpart, thanks to a 2 on 1 advantage. With this being Sadako's third ceremonial pitch (she tends to collapse after each one), it was only fair that the Ju-On ghost duo got a bit of the glory in their baseball debut. As for who will take the horror crown in the actual movie, you'll just have to wait until June 18th, when the J-horror crossover hits Japanese theaters. Here's the video in full.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.