COVID-19 has had a great impact on our lives, and because of it, many changes have taken place in our society.

Because of the pandemic, many events were canceled, and many companies switched to remote work.

We now have to adapt to many situations and switch what used to be the norm into doing everything in a way to protect ourselves and everyone else.

Now everything is getting done in a socially distanced manner, and due to the times we live in, a lot of things that we wouldn’t even think of are now part of the new normal.

Nowadays, a lot of people struggle with finding a job, and one thing that has appeared in Japan, due to the changes that occurred because of the pandemic, is the Otameshi Shigoto/ お試し仕事. We can translate it as “workplace trials”.

By trying out this new system, you get to find out the merits and demerits of many workplaces, you get paid for the work and try out different jobs to see what suits you better.

Because of the drastic changes the companies and people looking for a job are going through, new methods of attracting new employees are now getting more attention.

A trial job change is one of those methods, getting more and more popular among the people looking to find a good workplace that suits their preferences.

People who want to change jobs because of what is going on in the world have increased in recent months, too.

Many are becoming more uncertain regarding how the world is going to change from now on and what awaits us in the future.

Before joining a company, many are cautious, and a lot of people would like to try out and see how it goes before signing the contract.

Now, that is possible by looking for companies that are now using this trial system. You can find many where you can work remotely and even try out three or four companies simultaneously.

It is also a win-win situation for companies that lack a workforce, and at the end of the trial, if you felt that the work you did and the company are a good match, and they also like you, you might get a full-time offer.

What is even better is that you can try out several different types of jobs from IT-related jobs to making wedding rings, for example.

A friend of mine, currently a freelancer, also tried out Otameshi Shigoto at two other companies, without even having relevant experience in those particular fields.

She said it was fun and she learned new things, too. She told me that just freelancing doesn’t do it anymore, and she felt that she needs a more stable option.

She also said that she always wanted to try out something in the IT field.

Thanks to this new system, she found a company that also allows her to do freelance besides working with them, and she took a lot of interest in the job, so she chose to sign with them.

I believe that this is a brilliant idea for both the people looking for a change in their workplace and finding a stable job and company that matches them, but also for the companies that are looking for a new workforce.

By - cinnamonellie.