2021's first month brings us an exciting and unique event organized by a collaboration between Saga Prefecture, JA (Japan Agriculture Cooperatives) Group of Saga, and Afro & Co.

The event will last for two days (15th and 16th of January,2021), and we will be able to enjoy picking strawberries from the comfort of our cars.

Drive-thru strawberry picking is an event that probably wouldn't have taken place if it wasn't for the pandemic.

Therefore, to protect the people but still enjoy such fun activities, Japan came up with another innovative idea: that of enjoying not only picking strawberries but also exquisite sweets without leaving your car.

Not just that, but the event will take place at Tokyo Tower, and you have the opportunity to enjoy fresh strawberries, smoothies, and even strawberry sandwiches, also get to drive in the heart of Tokyo and by the Tokyo Tower while enjoying the sweet treats.

The tickets are, however, limited in number, and you need to purchase them in advance. As the event is a drive-thru event, you will also need to come to the venue by car.

The tickets are 2,800 yen for adults and 2,400 for children (Junior High School students and below).

For those interested, you can find out more on their Official Website.

The idea is creative, and it seems like an interesting event to try out (not to mention that it is also very safe!), so for those of you who have a car, how about giving it a try?

I’m sure it will be an exciting experience.

By - cinnamonellie.