Kanebo Cosmetics’ make-up brand KATE released a Kogao series mask on December 15th.

Kogao is the Japanese term for small face and along fair skin, having a “small face” and evenly distributed facial features is considered a beauty standard here in Japan.

The Kogao Sillhouette masks create the impression of a small and beautiful face through their design and also come in four colors that are easy to match with your everyday outfits.

The colors are:

  • 1. Black- for a cool, stylish look.
  • 2. Pink- the pink color is elegant, cute, and gives off a fresh vibe.
  • 3. Lavender- the lavender color mask is stylish, and soft pink tones eye shadow would match it perfectly.
  • 4. Beige- the light beige mask looks natural and any kind of outfit/make-up is a good match.

What is even better than the masks' fashionable designs is that now you can even incorporate it in your daily outfits, and it combines perfectly with the Kate Palettes of eye shadows, too.

The mask looks classic, and its sharp line creates the illusion of a small face because of its V-shape design.


The colors pink, lavender, and beige also have a brightening effect on your skin color, and matched with the right eye shadow, it will create an impeccable look for the day.


One pack comes with two individually wrapped masks that can be washed and used repeatedly.

The face masks are stretchable, and after washing, the drying process is quick, too.


KATE demonstrates four looks by combining the mask with their make-up Designing Brown Eyes, Conscious Liner Color and the 3D Hairliner.

You can choose from the Cool, the Elegant, the Transparency or the Mode, styles, depending on your preferences.

Here is how to combine them:

Cool Look-Black Mask


To give off a cool impression, you need warm brown shadows and brown eyeliner with gray nuances.

For that, you need the BR-1 Warm Brown from Designing Brown Eyes, 06 Grayish Brown from Conscious Liner Color, and the 01 Vivid Red 3D Hairliner.

Elegant- Pink Mask


The pink mask goes perfectly with a combination of pink-brown shadows, and the grayish dusty pink eyeliner completes the look and gives off that stylish vibe.

You will need the BR-6 Pink Brown from Designing Brown Eyes, the 05 Dusty Pink from Conscious Liner Color, and the 02 Lavender Pink from 3D Hairliner.

Transparency- Lavender Mask


Choose the dull pink-brown shadow and a nude brown eyeliner, and use the BR-5 Latte Brown from Designing Brown Eyes, with the 03 Nudy Brown from the Conscious Liner Color, and as the final touch, the 05 Highlighter from the 3D Hairliner.

Mode- Light Beige


The reddish-brown shadow and a dull orange eyeliner are the perfect choices for the beige mask and this particular look.

You should use the BR-4 Red Brown from Designing Brown Eyes, with the 01- Dusty Orange from Conscious Liner Color and the 04 Mode Ash 3D Hairliner.

For more information about the masks, products mentioned above, and their online shop, check out Kate’s Official Website.

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By - cinnamonellie.