December is finally here, and 'tis the season to put up bright lights and a tree in anticipation for Christmas Day. Many people in Japan are ready for the joyous holidays too, and have put up their Christmas trees in their homes. But while most people put their heart into decorating a gorgeous, sparkling tree, Japanese Twitter user @kairu009 caught the eyes of the twitterverse with one that turned the special time of year into a truly terrifying one.


Source: @kairu009


>Source: @kairu009

Don't put a Noh mask on your Christmas tree!

For one reason or another, @kairu009 decided to give his tree a touch of traditional Japanese culture by mounting a Noh mask onto it.

Noh masks have been worn by Noh theater actors since the art's origin back in the 14th century, but its deep history and major influence in Japanese art culture does not negate the fact that the masks can be pretty bloodcurdling. Add to them a set of glowing red eyes and you've got yourself a mask straight out of a Japanese horror movie. Although we're not sure if @kairu009 decided to take it down or not, we have to give him props for his "unique" holiday decorating skills.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.