A Twitter post sharing a letter from a pizzaman has been getting showered with many praise and comments such as “This world isn’t so bad after all” “This is so heart-warming”.

One day, Twitter user @gi_gi_87 had a pizza delivered for dinner. The young pizza delivery man came back to him for help shortly after, his face all pale and in panic.

He could tell the man was in trouble. He came out right away to help the man out. Sure enough, the delivery man’s car was stuck in a ditch.

The situation was finally contained and under control after they got the car out of the ditch together.

A few days after the incident, @gi_gi_87 received a very special letter.

“My apologies to bother you like this.

Around 9pm on November 20th, Friday, my car was stuck in a ditch and no matter what I tried, it wouldn't budge. You came to help me get my car out of the ditch together, and I could not thank you enough.

Although you were in the middle of dinner, not to mention how late it was at night, you came out with no hesitation to help me out; getting covered in the dirt to lift the concrete tiles, giving me precise instructions what to do...your kindness really touched me. Words cannot explain how grateful I was.

In the future, if I see someone in need of help, I can only hope that I can be as helpful as you were to me.

I’m not sure how I can repay you for this, but I really do hope I can, one day.

Again, my apologies for disrupting your evening that night, and I thank you so much for your help.”

It was a handwritten thank-you letter from the pizza delivery man.

The letter was neatly written, explaining how thankful he was for the help he received that evening. The man also expressed his hope to be helpful with others in need of help like him in the future.

You can tell that the young man felt the need to properly thank @gi_gi_87 who was there to help when he desperately needed it, and in panic.

This letter with genuine appreciation of the delivery man touched many people on the internet, receiving many likes and comments:

What a wonderful letter. Thank you so much for sharing!

His handwriting is so neat. This must be a reflection of the young man’s heart, too.

This hand-writ

ten letter means even that much more in this world of internet we live in. He must have given it a lot of thought to write this letter.

It made me tear up. It must be because it is a hand-written letter; you can just feel the genuine appreciation of the young man.

In this time and age with emails and social media messaging, it's sad that few write letters to anybody .

However, this is a good reminder that there are things that can't be “sent” in emails or texts, but a real letter, can.

By - Mugi.