Studio Ghibli fans were overjoyed last year when the famed animation studio announced that it would be opening their first official theme park in Japan, even unveiling charming concept art. The venture is a collaboration between Studio Ghibli and the Aichi prefectural government to transform Aichi's EXPO Park into a full-blown Ghibli attraction in 2022.

Now Aichi prefecture and Studio Ghibli have released further details on five "zones" of the park that will recreate the worlds of some of Studio Ghibli's most popular films and even allow fans to experience traditional cultural activities.

"Hill of Youth Area"

In what appears to be perhaps an entrance area to the park, guests move from an observatory platform and board an elevator inspired by the steampunk architecture in Howl's Moving Castle, then descend into the actual park. Nearby the entrance will be a recreation of the antique shop Chikuya (Earth Emporium) from Whisper of the Heart, selling a variety of Studio Ghibli-related goods.

"Ghibli Warehouse Area"

This area of the park will feature a "nostalgic" blend of Japanese and Western style buildings, but also have shops and cafes, an exhibition room, video display room, and is rumored to also have a Cat Bus building as well.

"Dondoko Forest Area"

The centerpiece of this area seems to be the already existing replication of Mei and Satsuki's house (pictures here) from My Neighbor Totoro, as the surrounding area is said to recreate the charming feeling of visiting the Japanese countryside during the Showa Era. Walking and hiking paths take you into the world of the film by going on a Japanese countryside journey.

"Mononoke Village Area"

An area inspired by Princess Mononoke's Irontown and Emishi Village. The zone will let visitors experience the Japanese mountain village inspired settlements from the film, while also letting them get a hands-on learning experience about traditional charcoal grilling.

"Valley of the Witches Area!

The Aichi prefecture release cites the "Northern European" aesthetic of the wasteland from Howl's Moving Castle and Okino house and gardens from Kiki's Delivery Service as inspiration for this area's design, which will be reflected in recreated buildings from the films as well as restaurants and rest areas.

The current goal is for the first three areas to be ready for the park's opening in fall of 2022, while the remaining two will debut in 2023.

By - Big Neko.