Haruto (@tomeji1106) recently shared two photos on Twitter, which tell a very simple story and have received over 200 thousand likes.

One day, Haruto found these “prints” left in the kitchen sink.

There was a slight trace of tiny little paw prints. He then realized what else was in the sink...

...Oh, my, cuteness!

In the sink, there was his little kitten looking right at him, as if to ask him “anything wrong?”

Haruto's tiny cat was walking around in the sink so carefree. Many people fell in love with this free-spirited kitten, who seems to be rather nonchalantly admitting to his crime.

How adorable. Such a purrrrfect criminal!

Oh he is so adorable. You must forgive him!

In my case, I often find paw prints on my car.

This kitten is so adorable, even if he isn’t your cat it makes you want to forgive him for his misbehavior.

It’s the cat’s mischievousness that makes you even love his paw prints!

By - Mugi.