Japanese Twitter user Degochi (@Degochiyakuri) filmed and tweeted a video, and it’s receiving quite a lot of amused feedback.

Degochi bought a “Bocca no shiroi purin” (a white pudding from a milk farm), which is sold in mini balloons from Costco.

This unique pudding requires you to pop the balloon with a toothpick before you eat it, allowing the white pudding to come out on a plate.

He wanted to capture the moment when the balloon popped before eating the pudding, so he decided to film in slow-motion. Little did he know that it would film such an unexpected result that went viral later. (Make sure you watch it till the end!)

Got a “pudding–in-a-balloon” for dessert. I’m going to film the moment I pop the balloon in slow-motion mode. It’s always fun to watch those destructive moments. Take a peek at how it went!

Oh, so that's what broke!?

Well, it seems the rubber was unexpectedly durable, and broke the toothpick before it the balloon could actually pop. Even the clunking sound of the broken toothpick was recorded in the video, which coincidentally created a sad audio effect to add salt to the wound of the result of the experiment.

He couldn’t just give up now. So, here comes the take two, a moment of truth...

Not sure if anybody is interested at this point, but for those who are, take a look at the recording of successful balloon-popping.

Um… that’s it? So, that’s not what we expected, either.

You’d think the balloon would make quite a pop, but that was not the case, either.

This video somehow received 2,100,000 play and many comments.

I could hold it until the toothpick broke on the balloon, but when that sad clunking sound came out a few seconds after… I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore.

This is nothing and also beyond what I was expecting from this video. It made me laugh out loud. The sound effect was also a spot-on, too.

Annnndd no pop… And even when finally popped, it was still not what was expected… I guess life isn’t always fair.

I’m sure it would have been a lot more satisfying if the balloon popped like it’s supposed to, and without breaking the toothpick to accomplish.

If you're in Japan and want to try your hand at successfully popping the balloon-cased pudding, be sure to look for Bocca no shiroi purin at Costco.

By - Mugi.