On December 6th, 2020, a whale calf was found up on the shore at Tomita beach in Miyazaki prefecture.

Although a “calf”, it still triples the size of an average adult human male.

After receiving a report from local residents about the incident, the members of Japan SD air force from Nyutabaru Airbase jumped into freezing water without hesitation for the rescue mission to save this cub.

As you can see in the photos of Twitter post, with help from a few locals, the air force members were able to push the gigantic calf back into the water.

There were much positive feedback and thank-you comments from the people who saw this post, and were in awe of the selfless acts of the SD members.

I can only imagine how cold the water must have been in the freezing December beach. Thank you for doing this.

They don’t just defend in the sky, but also in the ocean. We are so grateful.

From what I can see in the photo, the water seems pretty choppy, too. I hope the cub was able to go back to his family safely. Thank you for saving him.

We’d like to thank JSD air force members for saving a precious life!

By - Mugi.