Since they first appeared on the market in 1979, Tirol chocolate squares have become ubiquitous in Japan. The inexpensive little chocolates are found everywhere from supermarkets and grocery stores to convenience stores and station kiosks.

Fans of milk chocolate who have spent some time in Japan have probably seen TIROL Milk Chocolate, with its iconic black and white cowskin design and cursive "milk" font.

In order to commemorate its 30th year as a popular product within Tirol's wide gamut of flavors, as well as this year's zodiac animal, Tirol Choco Co., Ltd. is releasing them in a special tin in the shape of an old-fashioned steel milk jug and in a limited flavor.

TIROL Milk Chocolate Milk Jug Tins

The cute tins not only contain delicious TIROL Milk Chocolate with fresh cream, but they can also be reused and filled with whatever you'd like once you're done eating the chocolates. The tins also come with a tag featuring TIRO Milk Chocolate's mascot character "Ushikun" glittering in gold ink.

These tins containing 15 pieces of TIROL Milk Chocolate will set you back 1,000 JPY + tax and will be available nationwide from January 12th, 2021.

For more information, visit Tirol's official website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.