The Japanese are in love with pudding, a simple yet delicious dessert that's hard not to appreciate. Even though it's still November, and perhaps slightly a little too early to celebrate Christmas, Starbucks Japan is already prepared to reveal their secret menu — the Starbucks Pudding.

The creamy heaven-in-a-cup is so delicious that it often sells out in the blink of an eye.

It's sold out... (*sobs*)

Possibly even better than their coffee, the popular Starbucks pudding comes in 2 flavors. The Milk Custard Pudding generously uses eggs, cream, milk, and sugar to achieve a creamy, velvety texture. Underneath is hidden a slightly bitter layer of caramel sauce as a twist. Similarly made, the Chocolate Pudding uses exquisite organic chocolate as a base, with a layer of chocolate sauce at the bottom for variation in flavor.

The Milk Custard Pudding and Chocolate Pudding is available for 320 yen (3 USD), and will be served in one of three limited edition Starbucks Red Holiday Cups.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.