In November 2020, Universal Studios Japan announced a February 4th, 2021 opening date for its long awaited Super Nintendo World, an area of the park dedicated to recreating the world of Nintendo through charming aesthetic and attractions including a Mario Kart ride. The area truly looks to have captured the feel of jumping into a classic Mario brothers video game, and even has guests interact with the area by pounding question mark blocks and racking up points.

Now Universal Studios Japan has launched a new website less than a month ahead of the Nintendo-themed area's grand opening, and it allows you to virtually and fully explore Super Nintendo World's attractions, food, and merchandise!


Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

Bowser's Castle

Mount Beanpole

Yoshi’s Adventure

1-UP Factory

Peach’s Castle

Stop It! Piranha Plant Alarm Panic

Take Aim! Koopa Troopa POW Block Punch

Kinopio’s Cafe

Available in four languages, the website allows prospective guests to travel through the park virtually by scrolling (you can also simply jump to specific areas using the sidebar on the left). You can take a look at Yoshi's Adventure, where you hang onto Yoshi while searching for Toad on a treasure hunt. Or go straight to Bowser's Castle to see the main attraction Mario Kart race which features cutting edge AR and VR technology with unique finishes.

You can also read up on the interactive nature of the park using character-themed Power-Up Bands to collect coins, items, and clear challenges such as a boss battle against Bowser Jr.

One of the newly released highlights has to be the area's food, however. One restaurant appears to be Kinopio's Cafe (Kinopio is Toad's Japanese name) where chef Toad cooks up some gourmet dishes inspired by Nintendo--and they look quite charming!

? Block Tiramisu

Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl with Mushroom Tomato Sauce

Mario's Bacon Cheeseburger

Piranha Plant Caprese

That's just some of the treats available at the park, as you can head to Yoshi's Snack Island for a hearty Green Shell Calzone Filled with Yakisoba & Cheese refreshing Yoshi's Lassi, or simply carry around popcorn in a Super Star shaped bucket.

You can also check into the Super Nintendo World merchandise store 1-UP Factory to pick up a number of Nintendo goods, such as a Mario hoodie, gloves, and themed hats.

Super Nintendo World officially opens at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka on February 4th, but the new website gives hopeful visitors quite an enticing tour of stepping into their very own Nintendo dream world.

By - Big Neko.