When you think of curry, the Indian subcontinent, where it originated, surely pops into your mind. However, did you know that curry is also one of the most popular foods in Japan?

Millions of families in Japan cook curry for dinner, and it is a dish loved by all generations, from children to adults.

Compared to most curries served in the Indian subcontinent, the Japanese one is thicker, and most people eat it with rice (karē raisu カレーライス / curry rice).

You will also discover many combinations using curry, such as Japanese Pork Katsu Curry (カツカレー / katsu karē), Soup Curry, a dish that originated in the northernmost area of Japan, Hokkaido, but also curry rice balls and curry bread!

There are even unique combinations of apples and curry that are more frequent in Aomori. Why? Well, one of the interesting things about Japan is that every area has a local ingredient they are famous for, and Aomori Prefecture has the most delicious apples in Japan.

Of course, Japan is number one when it comes to convenience and comfort, and curry is no exception.

I am not a big fan of instant food, but I must say that Japan’s instant curry selection won me over with its variety and tasty options.

What is even better is that you can get it anywhere, at an affordable price. All you need to do is heat and eat it when you get back home.

How is easy is that?

Now, here are some of my top recommendations of instant curry that you can get in Japan:

1. Convenience Store Curry

You can find lots of curry products in supermarkets or konbini, and one of my favorite convenience stores to buy curry from is Seven-Eleven.

I like their 7 Premium Butter Chicken Curry because of its well-balanced flavor and mellow taste.

It costs 213 yen + tax, and you can see more information here.

They also have delicious Keema Curry and Beef Curry (medium spicy).

2. Muji Curry

Muji has a wide variety of curries, and a few of my recommendations are:

Apple and Vegetable Curry (small portion; for one person, not spicy).

It is good for those who have a sweet-tooth, and also perfect for children. The curry is not spicy at all, as there are no spicy peppers in the ingredients, and the sweetness given by the mix of apples and pumpkin is to die for.

Green Curry

I am a big fan of green curry, and the portion size for this one is perfect for one person. It uses six types of spices, and you can also feel the spiciness of the green peppers and the rich taste of coconut milk.

Soup Curry with Bacon

For those of you who want to try out soup curry, you can also find an instant version of it that it’s simply delicious. The ingredients include potatoes, carrots, and a creamy soup made of a mix of soy milk and cheese that go well with the bacon, too.

Mild Chicken Curry

The non-spicy curry uses 12 types of spices, however no spicy peppers. Some of the spices included are cinnamon and nutmeg, and it is a great match for those who love chicken curry, but who’d rather stay away from spicy dishes.

Muji sometimes has limited-edition flavors or sets available in their stores or online, so it might be a good idea to check it out now and then. You never know what unique flavor might come out.

Official Website

3. Kaldi Curry

For those craving Indian curry, I recommend Kaldi. They also have an online store so, you can purchase it online, too. One of my favorites is the Pork Vindaloo Curry (from the southwestern state of Goa in India). The spices, white wine vinegar, and pork are a match made in heaven.

I also recommend their Keema Curry, the Butter Chicken Curry, and the Chicken Korma Curry (you can find all three online on Kaldi’s Official Website).

These are my top recommendations. Let us know which one you’d love trying out.

By - cinnamonellie.