Japan has a vending machine for just about everything these days. While plenty of typical beverage vending machines can be found nearly anywhere, Japan also has varieties that dispense sake, Pokemon goods, and even dashi. For all of Japan's unique food and beverage dispensers however, it's a lone vending machine located off of a highway in Awa city that's warming the hearts of travelers.

As part of their Flavors series, Great Big Story and ANA teamed up to introduce Tadashi Yoshimoto, a 74-year-old farmer who stocks his very own vending machine with rice he grows just down the road. Yoshimoto refills the vending machine twice daily with his carefully prepared rice and a package of curry to provide homemade meals for truckers and anyone else who feels hungry. At just 300 yen, the popular curry and rice bento has no doubt helped out many a hungry traveler in a pinch.

Yoshimoto has been running his farm-to-vending machine operation for 40 years, and has no intention of hanging it up anytime soon, saying "as long as my body and my vending machine works, I will continue to do this". Check out his awesome story below.

By - Big Neko.