The beautiful diamond shape Victorian mask, popular in South Korea, is now available on

Because of its shape and high ability to prevent infection, the mask quickly grew in popularity. As a result, it was recently released on Amazon Japan, as well.

The Victorian Korean mask, also loved by K-POP idols, has a 99% virus cut factor that will make you feel safer in the face of the pandemic.

The mask meets international standards, works well against pollen, and has so many other benefits besides protection and safety.

Here are a few of them:

1. Kogao Effect (small face) given by the 3D diamond shape

One of the beauty standards in Asia, especially Korea and Japan, is having proportional facial features, a beautifully V-shaped chin, and 小顔 kogao. Kogao is a term that refers to a small face in Japan and is something that many women aspire to have.

Many items and treatments that promise a small face effect are also popular in countries such as Japan and Korea, and you can often see them in a lot of beauty stores.

The 3D diamond shape promises a beautiful face line that will make our faces look more proportional, in comparison to the regular masks. This brings us to the second point:

2. It fits any type of face

Because of the diamond structure, the stylish mask fits any face, and not only does it adhere to your face, but it will also make your nose look well-proportioned and taller.

3. No more worrying about makeup getting all over the mask

As the design creates space around the nose and mouth area, compared to the regular mask, you don’t need to worry about your lipstick or makeup getting on it as it will get less cramped thanks to the space created.

4. Anti-fog factor

The construction of the Victorian Mask works well on any face and fits perfectly. Therefore, there's no need to worry about your glasses fogging up, either.

5. No more skin problems

It is also breathable, and the soft material used is also good for protecting the skin.

6. Virus & pollen cut up to 99%

As I mentioned above, the secure fit and high-performance filter are big pluses. You can use it with confidence as it has passed quality control and efficiency criteria.

7. Quick Delivery

Last but not least, if you order it on Amazon, you'll also get it delivered quickly, and you get free delivery if you are a Prime Member.

The mask comes in two colors: black or white, and a package of 5 masks included costs 660 yen (that would be 132 yen per mask).

They are comfortable, breathable, super safe, and fashionable, too. Many people love its 3D diamond shape design.

For those interested, you can order it here.

By - cinnamonellie.