The spread of the novel coronavirus infection has caused many people to wear face masks in their daily lives.

Face masks come in many colors, but the most common color in Japan is white. Before the pandemic, black face masks were hardly seen. Although they've become more commonplace now, many people in Japan still avoid them for two main reasons: First, they stand out due to their relative rarity and many people don't like drawing attention to themselves. Second, particularly in the minds of Japanese people in their 40s or older, wearing a black mask carries a negative impression associated with groups of delinquents or antisocial behavior.

However, especially among younger generations, black masks are increasingly seen as fashionable and acceptable to wear. As a result, there are probably people who are now considering wearing one but may not yet have the courage to do so.

Mask colors transitioning over a period of 7 days

Twitter user Shunsuke Kawai (@SHUN_macher) found a product that could be perfect for those who are considering wearing a black mask but are concerned about the reaction of their colleagues or friends if they suddenly switch from white to black.

It's a set of seven masks in colors that progressively change from white to black!

Reproduced with permission from Shunsuke Kawai (@SHUN_macher)

"I want to be friends with whoever thought of this product."

The product is sold by "Village Vanguard," a retail store that offers a variety of goods, including books.

The store seems to be marketing this mask to "people who want to wear a black mask but are embarrassed to do so."

The package says, "It slowly gets closer to black so you don't have to worry about people around you. Now, in 7 days, you can have the black mask of your dreams."

The post elicited many comments, such as:

  • "If we change the color according to the increase or decrease in the number of new infections, it could be like a 'walking warning sign.'"
  • "This idea is awesome! I might want to give it a try."
  • "For a moment I didn't understand what it meant, but when I did, I burst out laughing!"

It's nice to change colors once in a while, and if you want to wear a black mask but are hesitating, this could be one way to do so!

You can buy the masks here while supplies last.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.