Twitter user AKR (@bou128) took in a kitten from a veterinary clinic and named his new black cat Ron.

AKR began writing a journal of Ron’s strange behavior in the form of short manga strips. He continually shares the stories on Twitter.

We’ve featured AKR’s manga before at grape Japan!

Today’s episode features Ron’s peculiar fixation with his owner’s cushion.

Ron Wants My Cushion

Reproduced with permission from AKR (@bou128)

According to AKR, when he gets up from his seat, Ron will steal his cushion without a moment’s delay.

AKR snapped this shot of Ron hogging the said cushion, seemingly unphased and completely satisfied that its shape so perfectly fits his own.

Luckily, Ron has since been kind enough to split the cushion fifty-fifty with his owner so they can both be comfortable.

Reproduced with permission from AKR (@bou128)

It seems that not all cats are selfish creatures after all.

HKR has collected his daily misadventures with Ron and published two separate volumes.

The comics are not limited to the stories published on HKR’s Twitter and Blog, but also include newly drawn scenes and photographs of Ron.

They’re both available on Amazon!

By - Mujo.