Cat lovers now have an extra reason to enjoy their tea breaks.

A Japanese tea manufacturing company recently released Japan Cat Cafe, a brand of green tea designed for those who have a soft spot for furry felines. The teabags come in three different designs that have cats wearing costumes based around Japanese culture.

The first illustration is of arguably the most famous cat-based Japanese symbol: the maneki-neko (招き猫), or “beckoning cat”, a figurine believed to bring good luck. It follows the traditional depiction of the maneki-neko, with one paw raised in the air while carrying a gold coin through the other.

The next cat depicts a maiko (舞子), an apprentice geisha from Kyoto and Western Japan. Geishas are women who perform traditional styles of music and dance. They wear a special type of kimono and hair accessories, and they also sometimes walk around with paper umbrellas—all of which can also be seen on their cat counterpart.

The last cat will look familiar to anyone who’s seen action films that take place in ancient Japan. The ninja cat is wearing an all-black attire and is ready to use his shurikens (手裏剣), or throwing blades on anyone who tries to steal his tea from him.

Unfortunately, the tea was made in limited supply and is already sold out. But here’s hoping that more will be produced in the future, so more cat lovers can have adorable furry faces greeting them each time they have their tea.

By - Jen Laforteza.