Japanese variety store Village Vanguard is known for quirky products that add a cute or weird twist to something functional (think: pastel ice cream shaped slippers for something cute, and Japanese cooking tentacles for something weird)

Their latest product that we’ll let you decide on whether it falls under the cute or the weird side are these open-mouthed animal head key holders. The magnet at the roof of their mouths keeps things in place, so it looks just like the animals are there to keep your keys safe for you.

The key holders come in four different animals (from top left clockwise): shoebill, dolphin, crocodile, and the great white shark. They come with a hole to hook it with and a magnet attached on the backside as well.

They’re priced at 990 yen each and are available on Village Vanguard’s online store. In the past, they’ve also released versions with different animals, such as polar bears, elephants and lions, most of which are unfortunately out of stock as of this writing.

By - Jen Laforteza.