Chara-ani (read as kyara-ani) is a Japanese e-commerce website that specializes in the production of manga, anime, and other Japanese pop culture merchandise.

To cater to fans of the Naruto and Boruto series, they’re holding an online pop-up store with a deeper theme of “Obligation, Gratitude, Connection”. In relation to this, all of the items being sold feature some of the most popular teacher-apprentice relationships from both shows.

The characters that appear are Naruto and his teacher Iruka, Sasuke and his teacher Kakashi, Shikamaru and his teacher Asuma, and lastly, Boruto and his teacher Sasuke. There are 5 different items that feature the characters, and also an eco bag that features symbols from the show instead. The eco bag, when rolled up, resembles a scroll often used by the ninjas from the show.

Naruto series badge pins (550 yen each, 4,950 for box set)

Boruto series badge pins (1,650 for set of 3)

A4 file folders (495 yen)

Acrylic stands (1,650 yen)

Acrylic keychains (880 yen each)

Paired mugs (2,750 yen for one pair)

Eco bag (1,815 yen)

The Naruto/Boruto pop-up store will run until February 15, 2021, with release of the items expected in March 2021. You can view the Japanese page dedicated to the store here. But unfortunately for fans living overseas, the items are currently limited to those in Japan, and there are currently no announcements on if they will be available abroad in the future.

By - Jen Laforteza.