Sometimes, kids emote more than you might expect. Part of the innocence of youth, I suppose. Nevertheless, photos of such children can be good for a laugh or a few coos.

Twitter user Nabe (@kagushokunn) knows this very well. The content creator was recently surprised by his daughter. On a trip to a home depot store with his family, he became a bit occupied with shopping, and momentarily lost track of his daughter. Once he noticed, Nabe immediately started looking for his daughter. He was surprised by her expression when he finally found his young daughter. See for yourself exactly why:

"I lost sight of my daughter at a home improvement store. I almost panicked, but I was able to find her within a few seconds. She was taking a break on a foot stool.”

You can clearly tell what this poor little girl is thinking...or feeling. Like an adult, she is obviously waiting for her family to finish shopping. I can practically hear her saying, “All right, I’ll take a break here while you guys finish up...”

Nabe’s followers reacted:

  • “I think she looks like a grandmother who got tired of waiting on her grand kids”
  • “Look at her face. We usually can only see this emotion on the face of someone in their 70s or 80s.”
  • “It’s good you found her. She looks like she achieved enlightenment."
  • “She looks like an old lady who is taking a rest.”
  • “Good to find her! She seems so calm while sitting alone. I think she must be a star!”
  • “If I tell her about my worries, she’d gives me good advice.”
  • “I imagine her saying, ‘Oh, where is everyone?!’ She is so cute.”
  • “I went to a shopping mall with my son. I thought he was being so quiet and I looked at him. He was holding hands with a mannequin girl.”

Naturally, most parents freak out a little when they lose sight of their children while at a store. But if you child tends to wait patiently like this, maybe there is no need for concern after all. Naturally, other readers noted, "It happened to me, too. My child did the same thing."

"I know, kids sometimes act like an adult. My child does too. Lol.”

"I lost sight of my child and ran to find him. Of course, he was right here."

Despite the false alarm, Nabe promised to be more careful watching his child the next time they go out.

Lost animals

Other Twitter users lamented a similar problem they experience: losing their pets.

This happened to one parakeet, Kurin. One day, the bird flew away from home and didn’t return for two weeks.

The owner almost gave up looking for her when she made a surprise homecoming. Kurin, like all the other cool parakeets, was hanging out at an auto-repair shop. The shop’s manager noticed the lost parakeet and attempted to track down the owner. Suddenly the Kurin started talking, saying things like “good morning, father,” “hello, mother,” and other household sayings. Suddenly, Kurin mentioned her address “Akita, Shinden, 2 cho-me 5-4”. As you can imagine, Kurin’s owner taught her to say an address if this type of thing happened.

Twitter user DAISUKE YAMADA (@Daisuke_yaaa) posted about this story on Twitter.

"A lost bird Kurin. She said her own address and was returned home safely. That's too cool!"

Many people reacted:

  • “It was lucky that she is such a smart girl.”
  • “That’s awesome she could go home safely.”
  • “It was good thing that such a kind person found Kurin when she left home. ”
  • "Kurin really wanted to go back home. She called her mother and father first. But she thought it doesn't have work, so she remembered to say her address."

Lost children can surprise people sometimes. Apparently, pets are the same.

By - Luke Mahoney.