As winter comes into full swing and the pandemic shows no signs of letting up, it's hardly surprising that more and more residents are choosing to stay home. Some pass the time watching TV, some cooking, and others enjoying hobbies.

Yorita Shijuro (@yorita3) is one such person who finds himself with a little more idle time than usual. This Twitter user, however, enjoys using his hands to make things. He posted a recent creation he made on Twitter:

"It's my new piece! During the lockdown, this diorama bookend invites you to enter a world of books at midnight. I hate to blow my own horn, but it turned out well."

Indeed, during the state of emergency measures, it's challenging to go out like before COVID-19 started. However, this diorama makes me feel like I can travel to some Harry Potter type library through this mysterious door! The soft reddish light is also a nice touch.

830,000 people liked this fanciful, handmade door. They reacted:

  • "It's very nice! This door matches both adult fiction books and fantasy books.”
  • “I love the stairs. It’s a mysterious door.”
  • "It's nice! The door is an entrance to another world like in a fairy tale. I think it would be nice if there is a house with a door like this.”
  • "It's really amazing. I like the atmosphere. I imagine that one night when everyone is sleeping, the light by the door turns on suddenly and a character from one of the books exits through the door…"
  • “It’s cool. It reminds me of Harry Potter.”
  • “I thought it was a manufactured product. But actually, it's handmade!"
  • “Wow, I want this bookend.”
  • “I love it! Even after I finish reading a book, I might stare at this bookend and bask in the afterglow.”

Indeed, many noted how this door seems like something from a dark fantasy movie. Many people want this bookend for themselves.

Another trending handicraft

There is another handicraft trending on Twitter. Recently, user Shinrashinge (@shin__geki) posted his work and followers responded:

"It's a girl riding a bike on a road that passes a rice field. I made this from paper, cardboard, yarn and disposable chopsticks."

At first, I thought I was looking at some type of computer graphic. But as you can see, none were involved. Many people liked the craft:

  • "You added depth to the background by changing the speed at which the layers progress.”
  • “Wow, her hair is flowing in the wind too.”
  • “It’s amazing! The background in the distance moves slowly!”
  • “Unbelievable. You made something with such high quality...”
  • “The tires are moving too. Your piece is awesome!”
  • “The sound is realistic too.”
  • “It’s like a cartoon.”
  • “It’s good. It soothes my soul.”

As you can see, it practically looks like a real, professional anime.

Many people were surprised at another realistic piece that Shinrashinge made:

"I made a moving girl from a paper cup"

His followers reacted:

  • "Wow, are you sure you didn’t use CG? What?”
  • “Are you a genius?”
  • “I couldn’t understand what I was looking at. It’s animated, right?”
  • “Woah.. even her chest moves too.”
  • “What, You made such a realistic girl from a paper cup… Wow… She is cute.Lol.”
  • “How can you move her eyelids? It’s perplexing and simply amazing.”
  • “It’s great. I want to make this too.”
  • “She could be a paper cup YouTuber!”

Indeed, Shinrashinge has developed quite a following with his crafts on Twitter. His popularity is clearly well-deserved. Many are surprised by the level of detail in his work and excited to see his many creations. Overall, being creative during the pandemic seems like an excellent way to pass the time...and make a splash online.

By - Luke Mahoney.