Are you looking for a tasty snack to go with your beer, sake or Strong Zero this winter season?

If you're a seafood-lover, look no further than Calbee's latest entry in their "Otona no Potato Rich" chips geared towards adults. Packed with an umami-rich blend of Hokkaido scallops and butter, these potato chips are the next best thing to grilling scallops on the barbecue.

"Otona no Potato Rich: Scallop Butter Flavor," is a thick-sliced potato chip with a rich buttery flavor that enhances the taste of scallops, giving it a luxurious taste. According to the press release, the combination of scallops and butter was chosen from a wide range of potato chip flavors that Calbee sold in the past because it was "popular among men in their 20s and 30s, and especially in winter," although we're quite sure that "being a man" isn't a requirement for enjoying them.

The use of garlic as a "secret ingredient" adds depth to these flavor-packed chips.

Product Information

  • Product name (JP): 大人のポテリッチ 帆立バター味
  • Translation: "Otona no Potato Rich" Scallop Butter Flavor
  • Volume: 72 g
  • Price: Open (estimated price: around 160 yen including tax)
  • Release date: February 1, 2021 at convenience stores nationwide
  • Note: The actual release date may be delayed slightly depending on the store. Some stores may not carry the product, or it may be sold out and no longer available.

For more information, see Calbee's "Potato Rich" website

By - Ben K.