Village Vanguard is the shop to go to in Japan if you want all sorts of quirky and unconventional fashion items without necessarily breaking the bank. They’re a hodgepodge of anything unique, so expect to find not just shoes or accessories, but also things like a capybara stapler and a color-changing eel teabag.

In terms of fashion though, many of their clothing pieces are very much in the realm of kawaii, or “cute”. One of the brands they often sell products of is the yume-kawaii (dreamy and cute) brand, Sucredoll. They’re known for creating fashion items based on Chinese design motifs, like these red and blue lotus shoes and these very dainty looking summer shoes.

They’re continuing this trend on to winter, with a new lineup of China-inspired boots and Mary Jane shoes. The boots are embroidered in two different flower designs, and also come in three colors, white, teal, and beige, all priced at 4,730 yen.

The first style of Mary Jane shoes are embroidered with images of the moon, ocean waves, and a crane flying by. They’re priced at 4,840 yen and come in teal, red, beige and white variations.

Lastly, the other design for their Chinese-inspired Mary Jane shoes is a little more simple and has subtle flower embroideries that blend in with the shoes’ color. They’re similarly priced at 4,840 yen and come in black, pink, and white variations.

You can purchase these shoes and all of the other Chinese style boots from Sucredoll through Village Vanguard’s Japanese website, while supplies last.

By - Jen Laforteza.